Personal Information

Born on February 23rd 1978

I'm not looking for a job, thank you


System and network admin


1997 - 1999 Studying Sciences in Marne-la-Vallée's university
1996 - 1997 First year at ESIEE , a French college of university level specialized in electronics and computer engineering
June 1996 Pass the ESIEE concours
Scientific school leaving-certificate

Professional experience

Since September 1998 Tech support at a French ISP (club-internet)
August 1999 Assistant Webmaster in France Telecom
August 1998  
August 1997 Semiskilled worker on a chain of production in the USA in the company Simplex Inc. (Wiring of electrical equipment boxes) during 5 weeks
April 1996 Attending the data processing department of Rochette Venizel (paper mill) during 1 month


English 8 years 3 travels in the USA (5 month)
1 travels in UK (1 month)
Russian 6 years  

Used programs

Programing Languages Perl PHP SQL
C/C++ Java
Office Microsoft Office 97 Pro
Adobe Photoshop 5
Macromedia Dreamweaver 2
Diverse Good knowledge of UNIX systems (Linux, HP-UX, X)
Computer Programming (Perl/PHP/SQL)
English to French translation of technical documentation related to Linux

Extracurricular activities and Hobbies

Computer Programming (C/C++)
Electronics circuits making

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