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Linux Laptop-HOWTO

Werner Heuser <>
Traduction française par Mathieu Arnold

v1.3, 8 March 1999

Laptops are different from desktops/towers. They use certain hardware such as PCMCIA cards, infrared ports, batteries, docking stations. Often their hardware is more limited (e.g. disk space, CPU speed), though the performance gap is becoming smaller. In many instances, laptops can become a desktop replacement. Hardware support for Linux on laptops is sometimes more limited (e.g. graphic chips, internal modems). Laptops often use specialized hardware, hence finding a driver can be more difficult. Laptops are often used in changing environments, so there is a need for multiple configurations and additional security strategies. Though there are laptop related HOWTOs available already, this HOWTO contains a concise survey of laptop related documents. Also, laptop related Linux features, such as installation methods for laptops (via PCMCIA, without CD drive, etc.), laptop hardware features and configurations for different (network) environments are described.

1. Preface

2. Copyright, Disclaimer and Trademarks

3. Which Laptop to Buy?

4. Installation Methods

5. Hardware In Detail

6. Different Environments - On the Road

7. Other Resources

8. Repairing the Hardware

9. Solutions with Laptops

10. Other Operating Systems

11. ToDo

12. Revision History

13. Credits

14. Appendix A - Survey about Micro Linuxes

15. Appendix B - Dealing with Limited Resources or Tuning the System

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